Our Puppy and Kitten Plans include everything to get your new pet off to a good start at great savings compared to individual wellness visits.

A Well Pet Examination will check your pets growth, check for ear mites and ear infections, listen for abnormalities in the heart and lungs, examine your pets eyes, teeth, skin and coat, we will test for intestinal parasites and discuss the dietary needs and care of your new pet.

Vaccinations are given at approximately 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age and then annually. We use only the highest quality most technologically advanced vaccines available by External link opens in new tab or windowBoehringer Ingelhiem.

De-worming is very important treatment for your new puppy or kitten's health, not only to protect your new pet from intestinal parasites but your family as well. Many intestinal parasites that your pet may carry are transferable to humans.

Every Puppy and Kitten Package includes one month of flea preventative to keep your new pet comfortable and flea free. Puppy or kitten vitamins are included to help boost the immune system and support healthy skin, coat, eye's and growth.

Many kittens that are adopted have an unknown vaccination and medical history, which is why all Kitten Packages include an felv/fiv test. This test is performed at 12 weeks of age.