About Us

At Noah's Ark Animal Hospital we pride ourselves on providing superior individualized care for your family pet, while you enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and friendly atmosphere during your visit.

We are a full service animal hospital offering both traditional and alternative healing modalities.

Our goal is to maintain a happy and healthy life for your pet and enrich the human-animal bond.

In addition to our own knowledge and experience we utilize a diversified group of specialists to offer the best care possible for your pet.

A happier and healthier life for your pet starts with annual wellness examinations. We provide discounted Healthy Pet Examinations when your pet is due for their annual vaccinations.  We always recommend an annual physical examination for your pet. Keep in mind that our pets age much faster than we do and a healthy life begins with preventative care.

We offer Puppy and Kitten Packages to help your new pet begin life with a healthy start. For our senior pets we recommend an Annual Senior Wellness Examination, including  blood work, urinalysis and radiographs. With early detection a future potentially serious medical condition can be a treatable and controlled condition, bring greater comfort, happiness and a prolonged life to your senior pet.

Laser Therapy is a source of light energy that cells are able to absorb, this results in the relief of pain, inflammation and speeds the bodies natural healing and regeneration. Laser therapy is not only very effective in the treatment of  joint, back, neck pain and healing but also for the treatment of skin lesions, chronic ear infections and  gum decease. We use laser therapy routinely post-operatively and following all dental cleanings with a Gingivel Laser Treatment. Laser therapy can be used to speed the healing and cell metabolism just about anywhere in the body.

We look forward to providing both you and your pet the superior service and care we pride ourselves on.      

 Noah's Ark Animal Hospital